The HELIOS SDK can be used to enhance and customize the HELIOS products. For the OpenImage API it is required that a fully licensed EtherShare product is used. The HELIOS SDK contains the previously separately distributed OpenImage SDK. The table below enumerates the features of the HELIOS SDK.

API Required Product Description
Unicode EtherShare The Unicode API allows third-party applications to use the HELIOS Unicode conversion API to convert text between different encodings. All major encodings including Japanese Shift-JIS are supported and the results will be the same as the file name conversions used in EtherShare and PCShare
Unicode Conversion Modules EtherShare The Unicode conversion module API allows third parties to extend the Unicode API with new conversions. The resulting conversion table is available to all programs, including the EtherShare Admin volume charset pop-up menu
Print Quota Extensions EtherShare This API allows to intercept the print process early in the beginning and after completing the job. The beginning phase may abort a print job, for example because a user is over quota. The ending phase will receive all the information that is also written into the accounting file and for example might update a database with this information
OPI Layout Notifications EtherShare and
This API allows developing applications that recieve notifications over a TCP connection about newly created layout images. This could be used to automate processing or entering the new image in a database
File Change Notifications EtherShare and ImageServer This API allows developing applications that recieve notifications over a TCP connection about changes to files with a certain Mac type or PC suffix. The event can be one of closed after modification, deletion or rename. This could be used for workflow automation systems that track file locations
OpenImage Print Job Image References EtherShare and ImageServer This API allows receiving notifications about PostScript jobs entering the system that reference images which must be resolved. This can be used for example to retrieve hi-res images from archival storage so the data is available upon printing. This also includes pre- and postprocessing the PostScript output of the printer interface programs
OpenImage File Formats EtherShare and ImageServer This API allows extending the OPI server to recognize new image file formats. These new formats will be used by all the OPI programs for recognizing hi-res or generating lo-res images
OpenImage Scalers and Filters EtherShare and ImageServer This API allows to implement alternate image scaling and filtering algorithms
OpenImage Color Matching Modules EtherShare and ImageServer This API allows implementing new color matching and converter algorithms besides the built-in Heidelberger CMM

It is required to be familar with ANSI C and the UNIX programming environment to use the HELIOS SDK.

To download the SDK you will need to fill out this form