New Features in HELIOS PDF HandShake UB2

  • Enhanced PDF compatibility
  • Support for Create PDF Server using Acrobat Distiller X (Mac & Windows)
  • Bug fixes for Create PDF Server running on 64-bit Windows systems
  • PDF layer support. With HELIOS UB2 all inactive layers for printing will be omitted when printing or previewing PDF documents. Optional “pdfprint” or “layout” parameters allow overwriting layer settings. Saving changes in layers into an PDF document is possible with Acrobat Professional or third-party complementary tools from callas software.
  • Support for OpenType CFF (Compact Fonts Format) fonts. OpenType CFF fonts are used by Acrobat 7 and later.
  • PDF Preflight now utilizes callas pdfToolbox 5 which is licensed for PDF HandShake. pdfToolbox, the successor to pdfInspektor, is now Acrobat X compatible and supports the generation of HTML reports, which can be enabled in the HELIOS included scripts.

    pdfToolbox 5 support has been added for:
    • The printer queue notification script “inspectPDF”
    • The Script Server hot folder script “”
    • The WebShare PDF preflight action script “”
  • The “” PDF preflight hot folder script utilizes a preflight profile (“*.kfp” or “*.kfpx”) in the hot folder, if available. This profile will overwrite the default profile specified in the script Environment setup.
  • Support for PDF full-text extraction via pdfToolbox
  • Additional Spotlight indexer plug-in for PDF full text and form field indexing
  • Tool Server tools (“winpdfflatten”/“osxpdfflatten”) for automating PDF flattening via Acrobat on Windows and Mac have been enhanced to be more robust and to support custom flattening  profiles