Tech Info 201: Apple Ventura clients (macOS 13) Finder opening files failure

HELIOS Tech Info #201

Thu, 20 Apr 2023

Apple Ventura clients (macOS 13) Finder opening files failure

Customers reported feedback that sometimes a moved file on a server (e.g. a PDF file) does not open anymore via double-click with its representative application. This has been verified by the HELIOS support team. The problem exists with all server volumes, no matter if they are HELIOS servers, Microsoft servers, or Apple servers, independent of AFP or SMB volumes being used.

The problem is a Mac Ventura macOS Finder caching problem. Until Apple has fixed this problem, here are some workarounds:

  • “Relaunch” the Finder via the Option-Cmd-Esc keyboard combination
  • Open the file by dragging it onto the Application, e.g. Preview in the Dock or “Applications” folder
  • Start the application, e.g. Preview, and select “File > Open” from the Preview app menu

This is a poor macOS Ventura only Finder caching problem which does not affect file integrity on server volumes. Ventura users must be aware of this problem and its workarounds.

We will update this Tech Info once an Apple Ventura update solves this problem.