Update: u0855


WebShare WO Server








3211, 3226, 3234, 3272, 3276, 3303, 3317


Mon Apr 19 15:59:40 CEST 2010






WebShare WOA proofing enhancements and bug fixes


- Original size preview of images (see below)
- Proof images can be printed rotated and flipped
- File search pop-up menus are localized
- Sharepoint comments are listed in the Sharepoint Administration table
- Enhanced "WSHostName" preference parsing, new default value (see
- Speeded up file listing of non-images in gallery view

Bugs fixed:
- Removed parsing of "WSAllowedHostNames" preference for display of
fileserver names for the login dialog
- Zoom buttons were not working if no pixel values were defined in the
preview resolutions list
- Fixed display problem for pop-up menus in Internet Explorer 7
- "Page Margin" field of proof print form is not disabled anymore
- Original of current preview can be downloaded directly from the file
preview component
- Fixed printing of proof images in WebKit-based browsers on Windows

Also fixed:
- Image zoom controls were visible for text documents viewed in
"URL Document Preview only" mode
- Previews caused generic error entries in the accounting for lacking
".banner" and ".trailer" files
- Action Script environment variable "WSAccept-Language" contains the
language code of the used localization

- You must restart the HELIOS services via "stop-helios" and
"start-helios" to make the updated WebShare WebObjects Server
- If you have a customized WebShare installation in
"HELIOSDIR/var/webshare", the customizations must be applied to the
new "webshare.woa", or alternatively, the customized "webshare.woa"
file must be removed.

Enhancement Details:
- Original size preview of images
On the "My User Preferences" page in the "Monitor Size Information"
section, the user may enter their monitor width in pixels and
a selectable unit (mm, cm or inch). If both preferences are set a
"100%" button is available in the "Set View" > "Zoom" menu of the file
preview and proofing page to display images in its original size.
The server preference "Allow ICC Profiles per User" has to be enabled
and the "WebShare Public" sharepoint must be published for this
feature. To benefit from this feature, HELIOS ImageServer is required.

- Enhanced "WSHostName" preference parsing, new default value:
If an "*" is found as host name in the "WSHostName" preference the
user is allowed to enter a file server name manually.
"WSAllowedHostNames" is no longer taken into account for computing the
fileserver names list of the login dialog. The new default value of
the "WSHostName" preference is "localhost,*".


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