Update: u0837


WebShare WO Server








3156, 3163, 3211


Fri Sep 25 16:03:51 METDST 2009






WebShare WOA bug fixes, enhancements, WebShare Manager support


- Printer and monitor ICC profile support
- ICC proof profile upload and administration per user
- URL access document only preview
- Definable standard resolutions per branding
- Definable gallery preview resolutions per branding
- File contextual menu in file listings
- Improvements for "WSAllowedHostNames" and "WSHostName"
- Banner and trailer files per document preview
- Preferred file listing view per user
- Live zooming images in gallery view
- Improved disabling of toolbar buttons for options not available
- sRBGv4 profile is included in file previews
Bugs fixed:
- Proof printing failed with Java 1.4
- The "Login URL" in the Branding Editor could have shown the
wrong port number
WebShare Manager support:
- This update is required to use the updated WebShare Manager
from update u0838.

- You must restart the HELIOS services via "stop-helios"
and "start-helios" to make the updated WebShare WebObjects
Server available.
- If you have a customized WebShare installation in
"HELIOSDIR/var/webshare", the customizations must be applied
to the new webshare.woa, or alternatively, the customized
webshare.woa file must be removed. Otherwise, a compatibility
error will occur.
- All WebShare file servers that will be used with this version
of the WebShare WO Server need to have update u0836 installed.

Enhancement Details:

- Printer and monitor ICC profile support
WebShare allows remote soft proofs on the monitor and
color-matched proof prints from the web browser on plain
inkjet printers. To enable color-matched proofs the images
must be matched against ICC profiles for the proof monitor or
printer. To make ICC profiles available for any user, copy
your ICC profiles to the ".Proof-Profiles/Monitor" and
".Proof-Profiles/Printer" folders in the root directory of the
"WebShare Public" sharepoint. Monitor ICC profiles will be
selectable in the proof window for soft proofs, printer ICC
profiles will be applicable for proof prints. The "WebShare
Public" sharepoint must be published for this feature. To
benefit from this feature, HELIOS ImageServer is required.

- ICC proof profile upload and administration per user
Any user can upload and administer their own monitor and
printer ICC profiles in "My User Preferences". This option can
be enabled/disabled with the "Allow ICC Profiles per User"
preference in "Server Preferences". By default, this feature
is disabled. To benefit from this feature, HELIOS ImageServer
is required.

- URL access document only preview
The URL share access feature has been extended to allow
sharing of documents without letting the user navigate out of
the document preview. If the "URL Document Preview only"
checkbox is activated in the "User Administration" the user
can only access WebShare by a URL share access link that
points to a document. If the URL share access link is opened
by a JavaScript window.open command a "Close" button is
displayed additionally. This allows to present PDFs and images
quickly and easy without any session setup. Additional banners
allows further customization. A much simpler toolbar menu
will be presented in this view.

- Definable standard resolutions per branding
The standard preview resolutions for file previews (buttons
with magnifying glass numbered 1-4) can be defined for each
branding. In the "Branding Editor", just enter the required
pixel resolutions in the "Preview Resolutions 1-4" property
under the "Toolbar Buttons" properties. The defaults are 256,
512, 768, and 1024 pixels.

- Definable gallery preview resolutions per branding
The gallery view resolutions can be defined in the "Branding
Editor". "Gallery Resolutions" can be a comma-separated list
of pixel values. If only one value is specified the slider
control will not be visible in the gallery view. If "0" is
specified the gallery view is disabled for the specific
branding. The default value is "32,64,96,128,256,384". The
maximum resolution value is limited by the "Max. Gallery
Resolution" preference ("Server Preferences").

- File contextual menu in file listings
For faster access to commands on single files, a contextual
menu has been added to the file listings. It provides the most
used commands without the need to select the file and choose
the command from the menu. To open the menu, click on the gear
icon which appears next to the file name.

- Improvements for "WSHostName" preference
The "WSHostName" preference can also be set to a
comma-separated list of IP addresses or host names. In this
case a pop-up menu that allows choosing a WebShare File Server
will be available at the login dialog. Also aliases for IP
addresses/host names can be defined:
prefvalue -k Programs/websharewoa/WSHostName -t str
"localhost,Server 1=fileserver,Server 2="
It is always possible to enter a file server name manually
(unless there are any hosts defined in the
"WSAllowedHostNames" preference, see text below).
If one defines a list of host names or/and host aliases,
JavaScript needs to be activated in the client application to
get a pop-up menu displayed - otherwise a plain text field is

- Improvements for "WSAllowedHostNames" preference
If only one host name or IP address is specified in the
"WSAllowedHostNames" preference, the user cannot enter a file
server manunally in the "File Server" field in the WebShare
login menu. If several host names or IP addresses are
specified the user can select a file server from a select
menu. Host aliases defined in the "WSHostName" preference are
taken into account for the display of the host name. See the
WebShare UB+ manual, chapter 6.5 "Preference keys" for further

- Banner and trailer files per document preview
To display file-related information in the file preview,
WebShare searches the current directory for files with the
same file name and a ".banner" or ".trailer" suffix, and
displays the content of these files in the file preview. For
example, the files Cafeteria.tif.banner and
Cafeteria.tif.trailer will be displayed above/below the file
preview of the file Cafeteria.tif. HTML content is allowed for
these files.

- Preferred file listing view per user
The new preference "Preferred View" in "My User Preferences"
allows selecting a file listing view which will be active
after the user has logged in.

- Live zooming images in gallery view
When moving the resolution slider in the gallery view the
preview images will be scaled to the current slider
resolution. After the desired resolution is selected, new
preview images will be generated.


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