Tech Info 081: How to enable EtherShare Admin 3.1 for Mac OS X Japanese

HELIOS Tech Info #081

Fri, 11 Jun 2004

How to enable EtherShare Admin 3.1 for Mac OS X Japanese

EtherShare Admin has been localized for Japanese. On Mac OS X, however, it does not show the correct Japanese characters.
As a solution for this problem HELIOS Software GmbH released the “ESA Japanese Enabler” which enables Japanese character usage for EtherShare Admin.
The “ESA Japanese Enabler” is available for download on our WebShare server at
Username: tools
password: tools
Sharepoint: “HELIOS Tools”
How to use “ESA Japanese Enabler”:
  • Copy the EtherShare Admin folder from your “HELIOS Applications” volume, folder “MacOS:EtherShare Tools” to your local hard disk
  • Launch “ESA Japanese Enabler”
  • Follow the directions of “ESA Japanese Enabler”:
    • Select the copied local version of “EtherShare Admin”
    • “ESA Japanese Enabler” will tell you “Switched to Japanese”
  • Launch “EtherShare Admin”
  • In “Ethershare Admin” select preferences to switch the language to Japanese
  • Japanese characters should show correct now, e.g. in the menu bar


As “root” you can use the “ESA Japanese Enabler” directly on the “EtherShare Admin” binary on the server, to enable Japanese characters so that all users then can simply copy “EtherShare Admin” to their local hard disk.