Migrating the HELIOS UB+ CD023 to CD024

Product Installation I

A mixed operation of CD023 and CD024 installation is not possible. So all products must be installed from CD023 or all products must be installed from CD024. It is not possible e.g. to use WebShare UB+ from CD024 and EtherShare UB+ from CD023. All CD024 products have a minor x.x.1 version whereas CD023 is x.x.0.

Product Installation II

All customers with a valid Software Upgrade Service Agreement, Internet Update Access or Software Subscription Agreement can use the new CD024. They don't need to enter any new keys because the software “knows” the serial numbers that are under a service agreement. That means also that it is not possible to use CD024 on a site with no active Software Agreement. In that case, you need to install CD023, or contact your HELIOS partner for activating service agreements.

Note: Customers who purchased a HELIOS service agreement after January 1, 2009 will need an extra licensing module to enable deployment of CD024 UB+ products. See the CD024 Licensing information

NFS Multi-Server Environments

If the same NFS data is accessed from multiple HELIOS servers (e.g. using "dt" tools on an NFS-mounted volume from another HELIOS server) all servers need to be upgraded to either CD024 or CD023. Starting with CD024, we no longer support SUN RPC for remote communication. 

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