Update: U0972


WebShare WO Server










Fri Sep 21 13:06:09 METDST 2012






WebShare Web Server enhancements, Java 1.5.x or higher required


The WebShare Web Server received major new enhancements including:
- The WebShare URL has been changed. It is now "hostname/app"
instead of "hostname/cgi-bin/WebObjects", use the latest
"UrlShareAccessHelper.html" for generating URLs.
- Java runtime version 1.5.x or higher is now required, all new Java
versions up to 1.7 have been tested. Often newer versions offer
better performance.
- Support for newer Eclipse based development, it also includes
an updated file structure of the webshare.woa bundle.
- WebShare Manager protocol enhancements.
- The WebShare proof zoom is remembered for later proof sessions when
the 100% zoom option is used.
- The upload progress status is now also included in the window title.
This allows viewing the status in the Dock (Mac OS X) / Task bar
(Windows) program icon tooltip.
- Spotlight search APIs have been added for the iPad Document Hub
and WebShare Manager XML API.
- Better performance and memory optimizations using a new
Web foundation runtime.
- New Sync List administration for iPad Document Hub.
- The Color Info dialog will show percent color values by default.
- The UI language chosen by a user is now remembered in a cookie
for the next session.
- Optimized web page caching needs less memory.
- Enhanced HTML generation for higher compatibility.
- Removed 2 GB upload limit for single file uploads. This
feature depends on the browser to support large uploads.
At present, only Safari on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher supports it.
- Added "No Page Breaks" option to the preview page parameters in
URL Share Access Helper.
- Displayed dates are now localized according to the chosen UI language.
- Decimal separator style is now used according to chosen UI language.
- Single file uploads will now preserve the last file modification date.
- The file path is displayed properly in the WebShare image preview.
- Single file uploads containing characters "<>|?*" are supported.
- Date and time are now displayed in the client's local time zone.

- The WebShare File Server updates (u0966 - u0970, u0975)
and the WebShare Web Server updates (u0971 - u0974)
must be installed together.
- The updated WebShare Web Server can only connect to an
updated WebShare File Server.
- After installing the updates, the HELIOS services must be
restarted via "stop-helios" and "start-helios".


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