Proofing is also about workflow. HELIOS helps by making proofing easy. Getting a proof is as simple as saving images or PDFs to a Script Server hot folder, or to a WebShare volume, or printing any document to a PrintPreview print queue. In addition, job status checks and content verification of InDesign and QuarkXPress documents are readily accessed via WebShare previews, with no need for users to have the application, fonts, or images. Visual proofing of PDFs is supplemented by the included PDF preflight capability, which can be used both locally or via web browser. Much of the workflow (e.g. processing of approved jobs) can be automated via Script Server.

Because it is so easy for local and remote users to use, and because there are no consumables or usage fees for soft proofing, HELIOS proofing can be used by all parties throughout the production process, to speed up creation and collaboration, and to save additional time and money downstream by preventing surprises. Of course, hard copy proofs can also be created as needed.

Proofing accurately can also be pretty tricky. What about overprints and knockouts, and spot colors, and transparency? And DeviceN and in-RIP separations? What about output device properties? How about PDF support? Well, HELIOS PrintPreview is well suited for these demands and more. PrintPreview is an advanced software proofing RIP that accepts PostScript and PDF (via PDF HandShake). For pre-separated documents, it produces bitmap pages of each plate (including spot colors), and then merges the plates and uses ICC color matching to produce a composite color preview. For composite documents, separations are rendered via the included in-RIP separation technology. All the bitmap pages are saved into a PDF “wrapper” for convenient viewing and transferring. And transparencies can be highlighted in this proof as a transparency mask layer or transparency mask channel.

HELIOS proofing capabilities are versatile, accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. Contact your reseller to ask for a demo.

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