HELIOS Products

HELIOS Universal File Server UB64

Cross-Platform Server for Mac, Windows, Web, & Mobile Users


Base UB64

Superior Server Foundation for all HELIOS Products


EtherShare UB64

Highest-Performance Server for Mac Clients


PCShare UB64

Highest-Performance Server for Windows Clients


WebShare UB64

Web Portal for Secure Access to Company File Server


WebShare Manager UB64

Drag and Drop Synchronization for Files and Folders


IT Monitor Server UB64

Server Monitoring and Notifications via iPhone


ImageServer UB64

Server-based Image Processing and ICC Color Transformation


PDF HandShake UB64

Create PDF Server • PDF Preflight • PDF Printing • PDF OPI


PDF Preflight UB64 (callas software)

Server automated PDF preflight via pdfToolbox from callas software, included in PDF HandShake


PrintPreview UB64

Certified Softproof & Annotations for PDF, Images and Office documents via WebShare


Tool Server UB64

Server Automated Client Applications


Script Server UB64

Server-based Hot Folder Automation


Virtual Server Appliance

VM File Server Solution for Mac, Windows, and Web Clients


Document Hub

Multi-user Secure Access to Intranet Server Volumes

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