Virtual Server Appliance 3

Universal File Server Solution for Mac, Windows, Web and Mobile Clients

Server Installation

No installation required, ready to deploy Virtual Server Appliance VM image. For supported free and commercial virtualization solutions, see

Client Installation

No client installation necessary, Windows and Mac clients use native file server protocols.  

Server Protocols
  • NFS Server for UNIX clients
  • AFP 3.3 for Mac clients
  • SMB/CIFS for Windows clients
  • HTTP for WebShare clients
  • mDNS server (“Bonjour”)
  • DHCP main and backup server
  • Remote LPR 
  • SSH server 
  • HELIOS Admin server
  • HELIOS TCP printer for Macs
Authentication Server

Central server supports authentication of local host users, LDAP, and Windows AD/PDC users  

Logical Volume Manager
  • Up to 8 Million TB per disk pool
  • No file system size limitation
  • BTRFS file system
  • Volume pool with multiple disks
  • Grow file systems on-the-fly
  • Automatic file system snapshots every hour, day, week, month (configurable). Access to previous data via regular HELIOS volumes
  • Add/remove disks from pool without service downtime
Remote GUI Administration
  • Remote server administration from Mac, Windows, and UNIX via HELIOS Admin over TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Manages local users, volumes, printers, and server settings, TCP/IP access lists, logs, etc.

HELIOS Configuration Assistant Terminal based via console or SSH, allows initial password and network configuration. Manages HELIOS updates, system and data storage pools, file server services including NFS.

Security via Dedicated Linux OS Only necessary network protocols are installed in the HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance. Additional Linux services or third-party solutions are not supported on this appliance and must be installed in a separate VM. HELIOS will support the complete server appliance including maintenance and security updates.

HELIOS Base Benefits The HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance uses HELIOS Base, which provides these core HELIOS technologies: server fail safety, Unicode support, networking, and more.

HELIOS File Server Benefits The file server foundation utilizes HELIOS EtherShare, HELIOS PCShare, HELIOS WebShare, HELIOS Document Hub, and HELIOS IT Monitor Server. Learn about them at:

Flexible Licensing Scheme The HELIOS Universal File Server solution is tied to one virtual machine for a licensed number of users. The server is available with a 10 or 30 user license and optional user expansions in increments of 10, 50 and 100. The HELIOS price list describes the products and add-ons. Optional maintenance agreements: Software Upgrade Service, cold spare licenses. The Linux OS within the HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance does not require any license fee.