PCShare G8

Highest-Performance Server for Windows Clients

Server Installation
  • Fast, menu-driven installation, easy installation for system administrators   
Client Installation on Windows
  • No installation necessary because PCShare is compatible with the Windows built-in networking software
  • Installer for HELIOS extensions to Windows Explorer for Spotlight file searches, and setting file permissions, color labels, and comments via the file properties dialog 
Server Administration
  • Remote server administration from Windows, Mac, and UNIX via HELIOS Admin
  • Manages users, groups, volumes and printers, server settings and logs
  • System & printer administrator groups
  • Share volumes and printers
  • Define DHCP server configuration
  • Server auditing/monitoring support
  • Additional WINS server or client configuration, workgroup/domain name and server name configuration
  • TCP/IP access lists management
Security Options

PCShare supports TCP/IP access lists to deny or allow networks and/or nodes to access the server. Custom TCP/IP access lists per volume. Secure NTLMv2 authentication is supported.  

File Services

PCShare offers extremely fast file services. Due to its great performance PCShare allows hundreds of PCs to work on a server. All server disk space including NFS volumes, etc. can be used for re-sharing. Server directories appear as Windows drives.

Spotlight Search

uses the HELIOS Index Server to search for file names, text content, and metadata in seconds, even in very large volumes.

  • Windows Explorer context menu
  • “Find file” tool on server and client
Server Features
  • SMB/CIFS server offers Windows compatible file and printer sharing
  • User authentication for local host users, LDAP, NIS, and Windows AD/PDC users via included authentication server in HELIOS Base
  • Full file and record locking support
  • Advanced file caching support using “oplocks”
  • Windows NTFS file stream support
  • Windows file/directory attributes: Creation date, Hidden, System, Read-only and Archive are supported
  • UNIX permissions support
  • Quota support
  • Unicode volumes store all file names in 16-bit Unicode / UTF8 format. This allows the same file names to be used from UNIX, Windows, Mac and Web clients, including special characters
  • Automatic name services routing between multiple network ports
  • WINS client, server and WINS proxy
Print Services

PCShare allows printing to Windows local printers and to server connected printers, as well as to all EtherShare queues. PostScript and “raw” printing is supported.

DHCP Support

PCShare clients can automatically receive DNS, router, WINS and client TCP/IP addresses from the HELIOS DHCP server included in HELIOS Base. 

HELIOS Base Benefits

The PCShare file server uses HELIOS Base, which provides these core HELIOS technologies: Server fail safety, Unicode support, networking, and more.  

Flexible Licensing Scheme

The server license is tied to a specific machine and a certain number of concurrent users. There is a 10 or 30 user server base license available. User expansions are available in steps of additional 10, 50 or 100 users. Optional maintenance agreements:
Software Upgrade Service, cold spare licenses.