ImageServer G8

Server-based Image Processing and ICC Color Transformation


Ease of Use

  • Remote server administration from Mac, Windows and UNIX

Image Features

  • Extensive image conversion options
  • File formats: TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PSD, JPEG 2000, EPS, DCS, RAW, DNG, PDF, InDesign via XPV, ...
  • Color spaces: Lab, RGB, CMYK, ...
  • Reads/writes 16-bit/channel images
  • Compressions: ZIP, JPEG, G3/4, ...
  • Meta data: XMP, Paths, EXIF, ICC

Color Management

  • Server-based ICC 4 color separation, proof matching, and conversion



OPI Image Repurposing

  • On-the-fly OPI image replacement
  • Automatic layout file creation after file has been saved on server (no polling)

Cross-Platform Client Support

  • Mac, Windows, UNIX clients