ImageServer G8

Server-based Image Processing and ICC Color Transformation

Complete Cross-Platform Solution

ImageServer supports server image processing workflows as well as Mac, Windows and web remote workflows.

Integration with HELIOS Products

The HELIOS Admin program can handle all configurations. EtherShare, PCShare and WebShare inform the OPI and Script Server about any events in their directories so that proper actions can be taken.  

Script Server & Tool Server

See the separate product pages:
Script Server
Tool Server

Server Image Conversion Features

Powerful image conversion tools:  

  • Over 100 professional image conversion options handle spot colors, alpha channels, clipping masks, ICC profiles, XMP, etc. Allows converting on-the-fly between any supported file format, color space, compression and resolution, including ICC transformations/tagging.
  • Web browser optimized PNG images, true color with automatic clipping mask/alpha in any specified pixel/resolution
  • Previews of InDesign documents (Mac/Win) via web or tools
  • Image preview and conversion support for PSD/TIFF/PNG images with a transparent background
  • PDF as image file format for archiving, OPI, image conversion
Supported File Formats
  • File formats: TIFF, EPSF, DCS-1, DCS-2, PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Photoshop, BMP, JBIG2, PICT, Scitex CT, PDF as image, PDF vector (PDF HandShake option)
  • PS/EPS rendering via “psrip” tool
  • DCS files are merged into composite
  • Color Spaces: Line art, Grayscale, CIE Lab, XYZ, RGB, CMYK, Indexed, Multitone, and Spot
  • Compressions: Zip, JPEG, Compress, JPEG 2000, CCITT-G3/4, etc.
  • Bit depth: up to 16-bits per channel
  • Downsampling/Upsampling support, cropping, rotate, and flipping
  • Clipping paths and alpha channels can be enabled or ignored
  • Spotlight full text searches of InDesign/XPress documents via XPV
ICC Color Matching/Separation

ImageServer provides fast, accurate ICC color space transforms. Color matching is applied for layout generation, color proof printing, final output and image conversion. High-res raster or PDF images are automatically color matched on-the-fly to CMYK separations, to RGB, or to CIE Lab. ImageServer recognizes embedded ICC profiles or references in high-res images. Tools to embed ICC are included. ICC version 4 compliant, with support for DeviceLink and Grayscale ICC profiles, and BPC (Black Point Compensation).

OPI & Image Repurposing Features
  • OPI standards 1.3 and 2.0
  • Support of Omit EPSF & TIFF
  • XMP and multiple paths supported
  • XPress colorized images are supported via HELIOS OPI TuneUp XT Mac/Win
  • DeviceN composite output support for TIFF, PSD, DCS-2 and colorized images ICC support for printing, proof, etc.
  • Automatic low-res file generation
  • Flexible low-res image options: TIFF, EPSF, JPEG, or PNG low-res with any desired resolution and color
  • PDF-native OPI option supports InDesign PDF export 

As soon as image files are created or changed on the server by EtherShare, PCShare or WebShare clients, layout files are generated. OPI low-res file creation can be turned on for the entire volume (no “hot folder” required, no restrictions on OPI folders). Low-res files are stored in “layout” subdirectories.

PostScript / PDF Output Generation

On-the-fly PostScript Level 1, 2 and 3 generation with compression: Zip, Compress, JPEG, CCITT-G4, OPI image replacement during output (no temporary files), image ICC color management, downsampling, and cropping during composite or separated output. PDF generation via PDF HandShake option.


API allows adding new file formats, etc.

Document Previews for XPress and InDesign
  Mac Windows
InDesign CC
InDesign CS6
InDesign CS5
InDesign CS4
InDesign CS3
InDesign CS2
InDesign CS
InDesign 2
QuarkXPress 5*
QuarkXPress 6*
QuarkXPress 6.5
QuarkXPress 7
QuarkXPress 8
QuarkXPress 9
* Also Japanese version

  Mac Windows
QuarkXPress 3-4
QuarkXPress 5*
QuarkXPress 6*
QuarkXPress 6.5
QuarkXPress 7
QuarkXPress 8
QuarkXPress 9
* Also Japanese version