EtherShare G8

Highest-Performance Server for Mac Clients

Server installation
  • Fast, menu-driven installation, easy installation for system administrators  
Client Installation
  • No special drivers for file & print services required
  • Optional TCP Bonjour printer driver 
Server Administration
  • Remote server administration from macOS, Windows, and UNIX via HELIOS Admin
  • Manages users, groups, volumes and printers, server settings and logs
  • System & printer administrator groups
  • Volume and printer sharing
  • Server auditing/monitoring support
  • TCP/IP access lists management
  • Manage spool queues with “drag and drop” ease
  • Handle printer accounting data
  • Manage detailed accounting information including fonts used, pages, etc. 
HELIOS “dt” Utilities

Mac files are handled properly with “dt” enhanced file commands including rm, mv, cp, set, ls, mkdir, touch, chmod, chown, chgrp, sync, etc. This allows powerful scripted workflows to support Mac data and resources as well as additional Windows file streams.

Time Machine Backup Support

Time Machine backups to HELIOS volumes are supported.

File Services

EtherShare supports AFP privileges, fast “Find File”, Alias, etc. All server disk space including NFS volumes, DVD, etc. can be re-shared. Mac files are stored in a way that Mac, Windows, and UNIX can fully share documents. Extremely fast: using 1 Gigabit Ethernet yields over 80 MByte/sec to Mac clients; more than 1000 MByte/sec sustained total server throughput.

Server Features
  • AFP 3.3 compatible for Mac OS X clients including long file name support, large file support, server reconnect and sleep-wakeup support, and full UNIX permissions
  • TCP/IP print spooler
  • TCP/IP printer drivers for macOS with Bonjour printer discovery
  • User authentication for local host users, LDAP, NIS, and AD/PDC users via included authentication server
  • Desktop database for super fast “Find File” and Mac file ID support
  • Smart permissions to automatically inherit permissions from parent folder
  • Windows NTFS file stream support handles streams for copy/move, etc.
  • UTF-8 Unicode volumes allow the same file names for UNIX, Windows, Mac and mobile clients
  • Quota support
  • Additional EtherShare network tools help to analyze and troubleshoot the network: HELIOS LanTest, HELIOS File System Test, Xtar, etc. 
Advanced Printing System

HELIOS Base provides the HELIOS printing system to all other HELIOS products. See details in HELIOS Base data sheet. EtherShare offers powerful printing services with flexible, remote queue management. Support of PPD files per spool queue allows exploiting special printer features. Hold and Error queues hold all successful or all erroneous print jobs for easy post-processing and troubleshooting. Balanced queues print to the next available printer of a group of printers. EtherShare accepts text, PostScript, and raw print jobs. For more details see HELIOS Base.

Optional Printing Features

Create PDF Server automatically creates PDF files from each print job. PrintPreview produces a PDF bitmap proof of every print job. PDF separation printing & OPI image replacement.

HELIOS Base Benefits

The EtherShare file server uses HELIOS Base, which provides these core HELIOS technologies: Server fail fafety, Unicode support, networking, and more.  

Flexible Licensing Scheme

The server license is tied to a specific machine and a certain number of users. 10 or 30 user server base licenses are available. User expansions are available in steps of addl. 10, 50 or 100 users. Optional maintenance agreements:
Software Upgrade Service, cold spare licenses.