New Features in HELIOS ImageServer UB+

General 1)

  • Additional compatibility and enhancements of image file formats
  • OPI support of transparent PDF images / documents via EPSF low-resolution layout files
  • Optimized image conversion and tagging support using the “layout” command. More possible combinations of file formats conversion will now work
  • New “FilterInks” option for “layout” command to support filtering special color channels of a given file, e.g.: only Black, or only Black and Magenta
  • Updated the “” script, which demonstrates the conversion capabilities including the used command lines
  • The “Touch” utility will not change the file modification time anymore
  • Image preview and conversion support for PSD / TIFF / PNG images with a transparent background
  • Additional options to preserve a primary color in images (PureBlack, PureGrays, PureWhite, PureCMY)

HELIOS ICC 4 support

  • DeviceLink ICC support
  • Grayscale ICC support
  • BPC (Black Point Compensation) which is a special treatment of black in conversions
Defining ICC Intents in HELIOS Admin
  • Additional option to preserve a primary color in images (PureBlack, PureGrays, PureWhite, PureCMY), which can be changed irrespective of vector primary colors (PureVectorBlack, PureVectorGrays, PureVectorWhite, PureVectorCMY)
  • New HELIOS ICC Tagger application to tag ICC profiles to images (Mac and Windows)
  • Additional ICC profiles, („sRGBv2“ is now default RGB profile)

HELIOS Tool Server

HELIOS Tool Server is a three-component solution for automating (remote) client applications. It is comprised of:
  • Tool client application (installed with Base UB+)
  • Tool server application (installs on any workstation or server)
  • Included tools (installed with the tool server)
    • osxhtmlrender
      Mac: Convert HTML to PDF utilizing Apple's WebKit technology
    • osxpdfrender
      Mac: Create RGB bitmap previews using Mac OS X rendering technologies
    • osxpdfflatten
      Mac: Flatten PDF documents by automating Adobe Acrobat 8.1
    • winpdfflatten
      Win: Flatten PDF documents by automating Adobe Acrobat 8.1
    • osxapplescript
      Mac: Launch a specified AppleScript
Check additional information on the Tool Server new features page.

Image web preview generation

  • PNG previews from images
    • Photoshop path conversion to alpha channel
    • Anti-aliased clipping path 
  • PNG preview from XPV documents
    • PDF documents
      Including PDF transparencies
    • XPress documents
      XPress 4, 5, 6 (Mac and Windows)
      New: XPress 7 (Mac and Windows)
    • InDesign documents
      InDesign 2, CS, CS2 (Mac and Windows)
    • New: CS3 (Mac and Windows)

PDF as image file format 1)

PDF is a very versatile and therefore ideal file format: it supports all major color spaces, ICC profiles, and any compression algorithms. In addition it allows …
  • … long-term image archiving
    • PDF will survive for many years 
  • … OPI support for PDF images
    • Layouts and replacement of PDF images 
  • … image conversion support
    • Convert any bitmap image format to PDF
    • Convert PDF images to any other image format

Script Server

Script Server administration is included in HELIOS Admin.

Script Server automated workflows via hot folder

  • PDF printing
  • PDF preflighting
  • Image conversion
  • ICC color conversion and tagging
  • Meta data (XMP, clipping path) modification
  • Image resolution fixing
  • Image preview creation
  • PDF flattening
  • Disk image creation via “mkisofs” 

Script Server integration with HELIOS Tool Server

Integration with HELIOS WebShare

  • Remote image conversion
  • Remote PDF printing
  • Remote PDF proofing
      (via PrintPreview shared folder)

CD024: New functions

  • ImageServer built-in RAW and DNG file format support
  • HELIOS XPV for XPress 8 (Mac & Windows) to allow document previews
  • HELIOS XPV for InDesign CS4 (Mac & Windows) to allow document previews
  • ImageServer tool to convert RAW to TIFF using a remote Mac OS X station using Tool Server. This is an alternative RAW format option
  • ImageServer Office previews of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in WebShare, via remote automation of Office 2007 for Windows via Tool Server
1) PDF HandShake required for PDF support