New Features in HELIOS Tool Server UB+

HELIOS Tool Server allows automating and integrating remote applications/tools to be used by a main server. Certain applications and technologies are only available on a special platform. Instead of reinventing these required applications and technologies, Tool Server makes them remotely available on any major server platform. Tool Server provides the platform and already includes several useful tools – additional tools can be added by the user. HELIOS provided tools and samples are installed in minutes.
HELIOS Tool Server UB+ workflow
HELIOS Tool Server UB+ is a three-component solution for automated client applications, which is comprised of:

Automatic configuration and failover via mDNS (“Bonjour”)

The Tool client will find automatically its Tool server workstations via Bonjour. Therefore no TCP/IP configuration is required. In case a workstation is not available, other workstations will take over the job. Additional static TCP/IP configuration is supported as well.

Automatic load-balancing

Jobs will automatically be distributed to available workstations offering the best computing performance.

Supported Tool Server workstations

Tool server (“toolsrv”) works on all HELIOS supported platforms, e.g.:
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • UNIX 

  • Tool client application “toolclient” (installed with Base UB+)
  • Tool server application “toolsrv” (installs on any workstation or server)
  • Included tools (installed with the tool server)
    • osxhtmlrender
      Mac: Convert HTML to PDF utilizing Apple's WebKit technology
    • osxpdfrender
      Mac: Create RGB bitmap previews using Mac OS X rendering technologies
    • osxpdfflatten
      Mac: Flatten PDF documents by automating Adobe Acrobat 8.1
    • winpdfflatten
      Win: Flatten PDF documents by automating Adobe Acrobat 8.1
    • osxraw2tiff (New in CD024)
      Mac: Converts RAW files to TIFF using Mac OS X built-in RAW support (ImageServer required)
    • OfficeReader (New in CD024)
      Win: Generates previews of Office 2007 for Windows documents (ImageServer required)
    • osxapplescript
      Mac: Launch a specified AppleScript

      AppleScript based tools: