New Features in HELIOS EtherShare UB

AFP 3.1

The HELIOS AFP 3.1 server is a fully supported EtherShare module. It features the following improvements:



Directory enumerations

AFP 3.1 does faster directory enumerations

Long file name support

File names can contain up to 255 characters

Unicode / UTF-8 support

All names for users, groups, volumes and servers are Unicode / UTF-8 based and are compatible with HELIOS Unicode / UTF-8 volumes. “:hex” volumes are disabled for AFP 3.1


For AFP 2.2 clients (Mac OS 8/9), the Unicode / UTF-8 encoding is transformed back into the client encoding specified by the AFP charset in the volume settings

UNIX ownership & permissions

AFP 3.1 utilizes UNIX users and groups and uses UNIX permissions for files and folders

Mac OS X symlink support

This feature allows copying application packages to/from the server, without loss of information

Very large files (64-bit file offsets)

With AFP 3.1, very large files up to millions of terabytes can be handled. The support of file sizes that large is needed e.g. for large Prepress jobs, video data and backup archive files. This was not possible with the 2/4 GB file size limit of AFP 2.2.

HELIOS has already supported 64-bit file offsets in its 4th generation modules including EtherShare 3.1 and PCShare 3.1!

Client / Server reconnect support

The Client/Server reconnect support allows automatic reconnection on network time-outs or failures as well as on server failures (good for high availability). In case of a reconnection, all open files are closed and re-opened

Mac OS X client sleep support

Disables connection traffic during sleep (no immediate time-out).

The sleep status of Mac OS X clients can be monitored by use of the swho -c command, or in the HELIOS Admin “Active Users” list.


Users using “Energy Saver” features (no connection time-out).

Smart permissions

Smart permissions cause files saved to the server (AFP 3.1) to inherit the permissions of the parent folder so that the behavior is like Mac OS 9/AFP 2.2. When smart permissions are turned off, standard UNIX permissions will be used when saving files and folders. Smart permissions can be turned off on a per-volume basis.


Similar to EtherShare Admin and PCShare Admin, the HELIOS Admin client is a convenient tool that allows configuring users, groups, volumes, printer queues, etc.

Suffix file event support

Now EtherShare supports file events/OPI layouts for files without a type but with a suffix. Provides enhanced compatibility for ImageServer scripts and OPI layout file generation.

File streams support

EtherShare UB can now handle Windows NTFS file streams and related commands (rename/move/remove). This enables enhanced compatibility with Windows clients via PCShare.  Mac file meta data is preserved even after a Mac file is modified by a PCShare Windows client. Windows file streams are preserved even after a Windows file is modified by an EtherShare Mac client.

HELIOS TCP Printer driver for Intel Macs

The update u0527 adds full HELIOS TCP Printer driver support for the new Mac OS X Intel machines. The new TCP printer driver will install and work on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs, it supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and newer. Customers with an Upgrade Service agreement SE002/3 for their EtherShare installation can download the available u0527 update.

Quota support

File system user quota limits are supported. Disk free shows correct quota free space.