New Features in HELIOS Tool Server UB2

  • For servers that should not be fully utilized by “toolsrv”, the new MaxProc preference allows limiting the published number of CPUs, so that tool client will distribute jobs to other machines
  • The HTML to PDF converter tool has received Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility
  • Mac OS X based tools have received support to work in the logged-in user environment. When specifying a “RunAs” user name for a tool on Mac OS X, the tools will run within the proper user session. This allows logins with multiple user names so each tool automation can run under a specified user, e.g. “PDF Flatten” under user1, “Photoshop Action” under user2, etc. To permit Mac OS X GUI program automation, e.g. in Acrobat and Photoshop, a user must be logged-on, otherwise desktop applications will not start.