HELIOS WebShare remote proofing solution passes all 24 IPA RoundUP tests. Excellent remote proofs printed on mainstream inkjet printers without the need for a local RIP solution.
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  5. Create PDF Server supporte Acrobat Distiller 9 Windows
HELIOS technologies and tools allow the full integration and automation of HELIOS server solutions, together with 3rd party server and client applications, into a unified workflow. This guide provides an overview of these capabilities, and how to easily get started using them.
Main benefits of HELIOS server virtualization include consolidation of servers, enhanced hardware flexibility, and load balancing, while retaining isolation of services, when operating in VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and IBM AIX VM environments.
Server virtualization is the technology that enables one or more "virtual machines" to run on a single physical host server. A virtual machine (VM) encapsulates an operating system, together with any desired applications, and generally has all unnecessary services turned off.
HELIOS Software now offers software via annual subscription, decreasing initial software investment costs, enabling much smaller IT budgets and adding more flexibility. This new offering allows businesses to adopt HELIOS server solutions without an upfront product purchase, and to change product configurations as needed, keeping future directions completely open.
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HELIOS WebShare Manager designated an “especially important” DTP workflow solution to see.
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  1. Le monde d'HELIOS: Le futur de la PAO
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  3. Couleurs en 16 bits
  4. L'OPI du PDF natif supporte l'inclusion de pages PDF
  5. Séminaires drupa HELIOS
HELIOS Software will show its all new Web based “Drag & Drop” workflow solution for remote collaborations with customers and service providers at drupa 2008 (hall 9 booth #E23). New extensions for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign support real time synchronization of layout documents between the main production server and remote sites. HELIOS special seminars at drupa 2008 will offer in-depth information for customers and prospects.
HELIOS Software will show its comprehensive PDF production software suite at drupa 2008 (booth #09/E23). Industry standard PDF creation utilizing Acrobat Distiller, PDF preflighting with pdfInspektor 4, PDF-native OPI, PDF color matching using ICC-4 or DeviceLink profiles and PDF flattening are the main benefits enhanced by hot-folder automation. HELIOS special seminars at drupa 2008 will offer in-depth information for customers and prospects.