Migrating HELIOS UB64 to G8


All G8 settings are compatible with UB64. This means that the G8 software can be overinstalled and everything will work as before, once your new G8 activation keys are installed. Please ensure that you also check and install all available G8 updates starting with u1300 and higher. Please read our Tech Infos which will include general compatibility articles and possible workarounds and advices.

What is new in HELIOS G8?

See What is new in HELIOS G8?

Java Runtime for HELIOS client programs

HELIOS Admin, WebShare Manager, ICC Tagger, and Touch require a Java runtime which must be installed on each Mac and Windows client using the HELIOS client programs. A HELIOS supplied Java runtime installer is available in the “MacOS/Java” and “Windows/Java” folder in the “HELIOS Applications” volume.

PDF Preflight

PDF Preflight (callas pdfToolbox) is not included anymore with new G8 installations. Existing UB64 customers upgrading their installation can still continue to use PDF Preflight. Callas pdfToolbox can be purchased from Callas for the usage together with HELIOS G8.

Supported platforms

All programs are 64-bit based, for faster performance and to overcome memory resource limits. For details see:
Supported platforms
Server virtualization
Supported client OS (HELIOS client tools)


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