HELIOS Test Drive

Free HELIOS Test Drive for all supported platforms


  • Three concurrent Windows / Mac users are allowed to test drive for 30 days. The following HELIOS products are included:


  • Superior Server Foundation for all HELIOS Products


  • Highest-Performance Server for Mac Clients


  • Highest-Performance Server for Windows Clients


  • Web Portal for Secure Access to Company File Server


  • Server-based Image Processing and ICC Color Transformation

PDF HandShake

  • Create PDF Server • PDF Preflight • PDF Printing • PDF OPI


  • Certified Softproof & Annotations for PDF, Images and Office Documents via WebShare

Script Server

  • Server-based Hot Folder Automation

Tool Server

  • Server Automated Client Applications


  • Download access information can be found here. The test drive download size will be between 450 and 900 MB, depending on the selected platforms.
  • After receiving the download, read the test drive First steps.
  • Watch the Test Drive Quick Start Video Guide (YouTube)
  • For sales information, please contact your local HELIOS distributor or dealer.
  • Please note that there is no free support from HELIOS. Custom support agreements are available from your local HELIOS distributor/dealer.