Tech Info 200: Apple Ventura clients (macOS 13) support with HELIOS G8

HELIOS Tech Info #200


Update (Thu, 10 Nov 2022):

The Spotlight search problem has been fixed with HELIOS “afpsrv” update u1313.


Fri, 28 Oct 2022

Apple Ventura Clients (macOS 13) support with HELIOS G8

We tested the Apple Ventura (macOS 13) clients with the HELIOS G8 EtherShare AFP server. The complete file server volume access works fine with complete file access compatibility and good performance. Also the HELIOS TCP printer driver works fine.

We figured out incompatibilities on which we are investigating:

a) The "HELIOSTCPPrinter.pkg" installer may asks for Rosetta installation on M1 Macs
The HELIOS TCP Printer driver includes native support for ARM Macs as well as for Intel Macs. However, Apple Silicon Macs under Ventura ask to install “Rosetta” when launching the “HELIOSTCPPrinter.pkg” installation. This should not be necessary because it works without Rosetta on Apple Silicon Macs using macOS 11 or macOS 12. A simple workaround is to install Rosetta to allow the Installer to run. We are investigating into this.

b) Spotlight search does not work reliably
Using a Mac “Finder” search and specifying the server folder or entire volume will not yield any results. On the other hand, specifying the search scope “Network” shows the found server files, but this does not reduce the search result to a specific volume or folder.

We are investigating on this problem and expect to have a HELIOS update to solve this issue.

We will update this Tech Info as soon as we have additional news regarding macOS Ventura compatibility.