Tech Info 183: macOS 10.14 client compatibility with HELIOS UB64

HELIOS Tech Info #183

Thu, 27 Sep 2018

macOS 10.14 client compatibility with HELIOS UB64

macOS 10.14 (aka “Mojave”) is fully compatible to be used as a client connected to a HELIOS UB64 server.

macOS 10.14 supports SMB, SMB2, NFS, and AFP to connect to server volumes. The default connection type is SMB. So after calling Connect to Server… in the Finder, it no longer works just entering the server name because it would try an SMB connection. The solution is to use the protocol identifier, e.g.:


Browsing via Bonjour computers in the sidebar of a Finder window works fine.

Java download

In order to use the Java-based client applications on macOS 10.14 the current Java release must be downloaded from

The AFP volume-specific password feature is no longer supported. So, if there are any clients in the network running macOS 10.14 this feature should not be used anymore.