New Features in HELIOS ImageServer UB64

  • All modules are 64-bit based which yields faster performance, and overcomes memory resource limits
  • Enhanced meta data support
  • TIFF 64-bit large file format support
  • Enhanced TIFF format compatibility
  • Newer RAW camera file format support
  • EPS and PostScript preview rendering support via new “psrip” utility
  • Enhanced color previews of PDF files with spot colors (“layout” option SpotToProcess specified)
  • Updated Euro and SWOP profile for higher quality
    The built-in ICC profiles for image conversion and preview generation have been updated for newer industry color standards to provide a higher quality. These new default profiles affect image processing if no profiles have been specified
  • New protocol2 for file system file event notifications
    ImageServer supports a telnet socket API which can listen for file and directory updates of entire server volumes, or just a specific path or file type. The new “protocol2” version adds features to get notified about metadata changes like color labels, file comments, resource changes, and FinderTags. This allows differentiating precisely if the main data or metadata have been modified
  • Tool Server and all included tools are exclusively included in ImageServer
    New tools in ImageServer: “PDF flatten”, “HTML to PDF”, and “PDF to BMP” are now included
  • HELIOS XPV XTension for QuarkXPress 10 (Mac & Windows) with ImageServer
  • HELIOS XPV plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC (Mac & Windows)
    Note: XPV generates multi-page document previews of InDesign and XPress documents which are used to display zoomable document pages in WebShare, including facing pages and multi-user annotations. (PrintPreview option)
    Document previews can also be used by other solutions utilizing ImageServer preview rendering.
  • iPad ICC profiles
    HELIOS includes iPad optimized ICC profiles for the brightness of 160 and 320 candela (cd/m2). These profiles can be used by ImageServer image conversion to generate iPad color optimized previews, to offer much better color image viewing results. iPad Document Hub automatcially utilizes these profiles to present color optimized zoomable previews