UNIX Kernel Tuning for HELIOS

We recommend to consult your hardware vendor, e.g. Sun support. They will know best what kind of tuning is appropriate for your server configuration.

All HELIOS supported platforms will work without any tuning for small user sites. We do not recommend to apply kernel tuning parameters, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Depending on the platform and the used OS, UNIX kernel tuning differs. The following list contains URLs that point to the respective web pages.

Solaris Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual
AIX AIX 5L Performance Tools Handbook
Mac OS X   See sysctl command; visit http://www.apple.com for details
Linux See sysctl command; see your Linux vendor documentation for details

If you know other web sites which are helpful for kernel tuning and server configuration, please let us know: mktg (at) helios.de