AppleTalk Toolkit SDK

The HELIOS AppleTalk Toolkit is a C programming library under UNIX. It allows to write UNIX applications that communicate directly with AppleTalk.


Programs written with the AppleTalk Toolkit run on any UNIX system with HELIOS EtherShare installed. The toolkit supports DDP, NBP, ZIP, ATP, PAP, and ADSP, it contains sample programs in source code for all of these AppleTalk protocols. The toolkit's functions are largely compatible with those described in Apple's "Inside AppleTalk". A scheduler is available for Asynchronous Completion Functions. The toolkit is a proven implementation; all HELIOS AppleTalk programs are developed with this toolkit.


The following programs are included in the AppleTalk Toolkit:



The poll utility as distributed with the standard EtherShare distribution


The zones utility as distributed with the standard EtherShare distribution


Similar to zones.c, but acquires the zone list via ATP directly from a router

ddprcv.c, ddpsend.c

Send and receive DDP packets


Broadcast an echo packet and wait for answers

atserver.c, atclient.c

Simple DDP echo server and client, including NBP name registration and lookup


Remove a registered entity via NBP, useful if the registering program did crash and cannot remove the registration itself


Open an ADSP stream connection to the EtherShare mailsrv program


Wait for an ADSP open connection using passive mode


Wait for an ADSP open connection using an ADSP connection listener


Send standard input via PAP to a printer


If stdin is a terminal, invoke the PostScript executive for an interactive PostScript command line session


Single threaded PAP receiver


Fork a separate process for every incoming PAP connection


Query a printer via PAP about its status


The toolkit is now part of HELIOS SDK and can be downloaded there »