Tech Info 184: HELIOS server products on macOS 10.14

HELIOS Tech Info #184

Thu, 27 Sep 2018

HELIOS server products on macOS 10.14

HELIOS UB64 products are compatible with macOS 10.14 (aka “Mojave”). Make sure that all available updates, up to u1209, are installed.

Java download

In order to use the Java-based applications on macOS 10.14 the current Java release must be downloaded from

System Integrity Protection

Starting with OS X 10.11, Apple introduced a “System Integrity Protection” which does not allow HELIOS UB64 to add symbolic links from “/usr/lib/” during the HELIOS installation. Therefore the “System Integrity Protection” must be disabled during the HELIOS UB64 installation, and can be turned on again after finishing the installation.

Before installing HELIOS server solutions on macOS 10.14, disable the “System Integrity Protection” by booting into the recovery partition as described below:

  • Reboot the Mac and hold the Cmd and R keys during the boot process, to start from the recovery partition.
  • After booting is complete, the “macOS Utilities” window is shown for restore, reinstall, etc.
  • Choose “Terminal” from the “Utilities” menu.
  • When the Terminal window has opened, type csrutil status. It should show:
    • System Integrity Protection status: enabled
    • If it is disabled, just reboot and install the HELIOS Services
    • If it is enabled, type csrutil disable and reboot
  • Calling csrutil without any option will show the usage info.
  • To revert this and re-enable “System Integrity Protection”, proceed as described above and call csrutil enable.

After the HELIOS services have been installed you may re-enable System Integrity Protection in order to keep the system secure. Installing HELIOS updates or calling start-helios -i may require a disabled System Integrity Protection because it needs to change the protected location on the file system.

We will update this Tech Info upon changes.