Tech Info 148: QuarkXPress 10 compatibility status

HELIOS Tech Info #148


Update (Fri, 19 Sep 2014):

As of UB64, the “HELIOS Preview” XT provides compatibility with QuarkXPress 10.


Mon, 16 Sep 2013

QuarkXPress 10 compatibility status

QuarkXPress 10 drops OPI support

QuarkXPress 10 does not include OPI low-res/high-res support for PostScript or PDF-native OPI image replacement workflows anymore. We have no details regarding the discontinued OPI support in QuarkXPress 10.

Customers who need a PostScript or PDF-based OPI workflow should use either the previous version XPress 9 or Adobe InDesign because both contain OPI support. For remote Internet-based workflows, OPI makes much sense because the average network performance on the Internet does not allow working with high-res images. Also, working with many images, larger images or poster printing and server-based color management benefits from OPI.

A workaround for remote workflows is HELIOS WebShare with the WebShare Manager synchronization between the local desktop and a server volume shared via WebShare sharepoints. Customers can drag & drop images into WebShare Manager which downloads the images (low-res or high-res). It will download the images behind the scenes and keeps them up to date in case a newer version is uploaded to the server. Once images are local, they can be dragged from WebShare Manager into XPress. This allows stable and quick remote page composition for remote users, the built-in sync ensures that images are always up to date.

HELIOS extension status for QuarkXPress 10

The “HELIOS OPI TuneUp” extension is now obsolete with QuarkXPress 10 since it does no longer support OPI.

“HELIOS Preview” XT is currently not compatible with QuarkXPress 10. We are working on HELIOS XPV support for QuarkXPress 10 and will update this Tech Info as soon as a new version is available.