Tech Info 146: Future HELIOS supported server platforms

HELIOS Tech Info #146

Thu, 12 Sep 2013

Future HELIOS supported server platforms

HELIOS server solutions are available on all major server platforms. In future software versions we modernize the requirements by switching to 64-bit for all solutions. The benefit is a performance gain and removing memory limitations for our services. The disadvantage is that very old server operating systems may not be supported with future HELIOS version.





Sun x86_64


Solaris 10 and higher

64-bit only



Solaris 8/9/10 and higher

64-bit only

IBM RS/6000


AIX 5.3 ML4 and higher, AIX 6 and higher

64-bit only

Apple (Intel)


Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

64-bit only

Mac PPC no longer supported

Linux Kernel 2.6.16 or higher
glibc 2.4 or higher
linux RHEL 5, 6
SLES 10, 11

64-bit only

RHEL 4 no longer supported

Microsoft win32 Windows 2008 and higher

64-bit only

Test drives work on Vista or newer

The above table gives an indication what will be supported in the future. In case you are using an older non 64-bit server operating system we recommend to update the server operating system upfront with the existing HELIOS UB2 release to be compatible with future HELIOS product versions.

Client apps and Java

From CD026 on, all Java client programs (HELIOS Admin, Tagger and WebShare Manager) require Java 6 or newer. (Mac and Windows)

HELIOS Admin and the Tagger are 64-bit programs and require a 64-bit Java and Windows 64-bit (Windows Vista/Windows 2008 or newer).

The Windows version of WebShare Manager requires Windows XP SP2 or newer. The “HELIOS WebShare Manager Setup.exe” program installs the 32-bit Manager on a 32-bit Windows, and likewise the 64-bit Manager on a 64-bit Windows. The 64-bit Manager requires a 64-bit Java.

This information is subject to change.

Version: 11-Sept-2013
Initial supported platforms list