Tech Info 133: WebShare printing in Mozilla based browsers

HELIOS Tech Info #133

Mon, 5 Sep 2011

WebShare printing in Mozilla based browsers

When printing preview images or soft proofs in Mozilla based browsers (e.g. Firefox, SeaMonkey, Camino) with WebShare's Scale Images To Fit Page option activated, the print results may not be as expected although the browser's paper format settings match those made in the WebShare “Print Settings” dialog. You may encounter clipped images and broad page margins.

Mozilla based browsers use internal preferences for printing in addition to any settings made in the browser's "Page Setup" dialog. The browser's application preferences can be accessed by opening the address “about:config”. The following preferences should be set to “0” (without quotes) to improve the printing results:




Please restart your browser after setting the preferences. Setting the preferences should only be necessary once but may be overwritten by a browser update. For more information on Mozilla printing preferences refer to:

Alternatively to setting the preferences, the value for Extended Options > Scaling in the WebShare “Print Settings” dialog can be set to a smaller value.