Tech Info 124: Multiple instances of Create PDF Server (Mac) on one machine

HELIOS Tech Info #124

Tue, 24 Nov 2009

Multiple instances of Create PDF Server (Mac) on one machine

Using current Create PDF Server 3.5.1 from update u0832, it is possible to run multiple instances on one Mac machine at the same time.

The following tasks are needed to set up another Create PDF Server

- duplicate the Create PDF Server application
- in the Mac Finder, do a right-click and choose "Show Package Contents"
  from the pop-up menu
- open "Contents"
- open "Resources"
- open "prefs.plist" in a text editor, e.g. Mac OS X "TextEdit"
- "prefs.plist" is an XML file where the used "TcpPort" is configured.
  Replace the default port "2005" with another port number and save the file.
- Start the all Create PDF Server applications (two or more)
- now create a new Create PDF Server queue on your HELIOS server using
  HELIOS Admin and enter your custom TCP/IP port number in the interface setup.

Using such a setup allows a better usage of Create PDF Server machines because it can take advantage of multiple CPUs or cores.

Create PDF Server Security settings are not supported when multiple instances are running and therefore the empty Security settings must be used.