Tech Info 121: Use print job output for a scripting workflow

HELIOS Tech Info #121

Tue, 21 Apr 2009

Use print job output for a scripting workflow

We received several customer requests for automatic processing of print job output in a scripting workflow via Script Server.
To achieve this, you need to apply a “Notify Program” to the desired queue in HELOS Admin. The notify script “” is available for download from HELIOS WebShare:
User Name: tools
Password: tools
Sharepoint “HELIOS Tools” -> “HELIOS Printer Scripts”
This script can be used for a “Print To Disk” queue, a “Create PDF” queue, or a “Print Preview” queue.
To install it, save this Script into the “Printer Scripts” folder in the “Settings” volume. Then assign this script to the desired queue in HELIOS Admin.
Alternatively, if ImageServer is installed on the same host, the “Send Notification” checkbox in the printer queue setup can be enabled to trigger a notification event for the target folder that is configured as Script Server “Hot Folder”. The benefit here is that a Script Server script can be re-used for print job output with no modification.