Tech Info 117: Notes for PDF-Hires usage with PDF-native OPI

HELIOS Tech Info #117

Mon, 30 Jun 2008

Notes for PDF-Hires usage with PDF-native OPI

HELIOS UB+ Update u0721 adds a new feature, OPI replacement of vector-based high-resolution PDF images.
Using such a workflow, we recommend to place layout images of PDF files instead of placing the high-resolution PDF files.
This is needed because InDesign may create wrong OPI comments for placed PDF high-resolution files that were cropped during the import. 
In InDesign it is possible to choose, from the import options dialog, a crop area for every placed PDF. Unfortunately, the OPI comments “Size”, “CropFixed” and “CropRect” are not adjusted to reflect that cropping, and therefore the resulting output, is shifted and / or zoomed.
ImageServer uses the CropBox by default. 
When layout images are placed in InDesign, the correct box is always used so that this problem does not occur.