Tech Info 105: Windows Vista compatibility with PCShare UB

HELIOS Tech Info #105

Tue, 20 Feb 2007

Windows Vista compatibility with PCShare UB

At present, PCShare UB does not work with Windows Vista clients. The Vista SMB/CIFS protocol has received minor changes which result in login, file management, and printing problems using Windows Vista based clients. We are working with high priority on an update to resolve this Vista compatibility issues. In the meantime we ask customers not to deploy Windows Vista together with PCShare UB until the problems are officially resolved. We will update this tech-info within the next weeks to inform you about the Vista compatibility with PCShare schedule.

Update 18 Jan 2008:

With Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate mounting of PCShare volumes now works. It is no longer required that the user name logged in to Vista does also exist on the PCShare server. A Vista Login Window will pop up if necessary.

Update 23 Jan 2008:

Microsoft also offers a Hotfix “KB943451” which addresses the login problem. See details at: