Tech Info 101: pdfInspektor3 3.0.192/u0561 profiles

HELIOS Tech Info #101

Fri, 28 Jul 2006

pdfInspektor3 3.0.192/u0561 profiles

The PDF HandShake 3.0.0 update u0561 and PDF HandShake 3.0.5 release (for Mac OS X Intel, Solaris Intel, and Windows) contains “PDF/X-Ready” profiles where the tagging for PDF/X is broken. There is an error message:
Error -4 "Argument version 4.0 is wrong: unsupported version"
Updated profiles can be downloaded via HELIOS WebShare at:
User name: tools
Password:  tools
Go to sharepoint “HELIOS Tools” and download the “CallasProfiles” folder that contains the “.tar” archive and this Tech Info.
To install these profiles, log on to the terminal as “root” and perform the following tasks:
  • Copy “CallasProfiles.tgz” to “HELIOSDIR”
  • Change to “HELIOSDIR” and issue tar xvfz CallasProfiles.tgz
This will replace the profiles for the PDF/X creation.


You need to extract the profiles again after a new installation or when start-helios -i is performed since this will replace the new profiles.