XS-Picture Manager (XS-Solutions)


Administer pictures, search for missing pictures, administer file endings, update modified pictures and exchange between OPI high-res and layout data.


  • Exchanging layout-data to OPI high-res-data with free choice of the OPI-Folder and OPI-Suffix (Pro Version)
  • Fast searching, finding and assigning of pictures, which are no longer discoverable because of data-renaming or a new structure of the folder hierarchy (LE/Pro Version)
  • Removing and adding file suffixes
  • Creating indices of folder, volumes, whole file servers, to accelerate the search for pictures (LE/Pro Version)
  • Intelligent comparison algorithms to allocate missing pictures (LE/Pro Version)
  • Display of the progress of all functions (LE/Pro Version)


Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X 10.x

QuarkXPress 4.x-8.x