OPI Manager (macademy)


This plug-in for Adobe InDesign offers you a complete OPI workflow with HELIOS ImageServer. Transparency, drop shadows and soft edges used with layout images are processed correctly. The packaging command of InDesign can export both layout and high-resolution images alike, irrespective of which images are placed in the document.


  • Automatic image replacement during printing for correct "flattening" of all InDesign layout effects (i.e. transparency on images, transparent text over images, drop shadows of text over images, corner effects, ...)
  • Easy to use OPI Manager palette
  • Changing one or more layout images to the corresponding high-res images and vice versa
  • “Packaging” with layout or high-res images
  • Relinking of all images with one click if the image folder hierarchy has been moved or copied to another location (i.e. other HELIOS server or local hard disk)


Adobe InDesign CS and CS2 on Mac OS X and Windows