Tool Server G8

Server Automated Client Applications


Ease of Use

  • Easy to install, administer, use

Remote Automation Framework

  • Job with settings is sent to Tool Server, finished job is returned
  • “Run as user” support for tools
  • Separate process for each job
  • Load balancing and fail safety
  • Cleans up temp files and processes
  • Error report to the client
  • Bonjour browsing to find Tool Servers
  • HELIOS Bonjour server included

Available Tools

  • PDF flattening via Acrobat (Mac/Win)
  • Microsoft Office to PDF conversion (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
  • HTML-to-PDF conversion (Mac)
  • RAW-to-TIFF conversion (Mac)
  • Photoshop actions (Mac AppleScript)

Cross-Platform Client Support

  • Mac, Windows, UNIX clients