PDF HandShake G8

PDF Printing and Processing • PDF-native OPI


Ease of Use

  • Easy to install, administer, use
  • Remote server administration from Mac, Windows, and UNIX

Create PDF Server

  • Uses Acrobat Distiller
  • Queue based workflow and settings
  • Support for Windows / Mac / UNIX clients

Introduction “Create PDF Server”

PDF Processing

  • PDF 1.7 compatible
  • PDF preview generation
  • ICC color management
  • PDF transparency support
  • Composite, in-RIP and host separations, and proof printing support
  • Printing via “pdfprint” tool or server hot folder

PDF & OPI via ImageServer

  • PDF-native OPI with InDesign
  • EPSF low-res files from any PDF
  • PDF to high-res EPSF conversion