Document Hub

Multi-user Secure Access to Intranet Server Volumes


App Features

  • Work offline with server documents 
  • Browse, preview, transfer files from/to intranet server volumes
  • Present documents, images, movies
  • Spotlight search of server content
  • Open documents in other apps
  • Receive documents from other apps 
  • Print documents
  • Forward documents via e-mail apps
  • Server generated document previews

File Synchronization

  • Server specified files & folders
  • Compressed & resumable transfers


  • RSA 1024-bit encrypted login, HTTPS
  • Authentication and file permissions enforced by server OS
  • Password enforced for offline use
  • No cloud, no VPN, no direct access


  • All major server platforms
  • iOS and Android (pads, phones)
  • App source code is available