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HELIOS Software introduces low-cost subscription option for leading server software

HELIOS Software now offers software via annual subscription, decreasing initial software investment costs, enabling much smaller IT budgets and adding more flexibility. This new offering allows businesses to adopt HELIOS server solutions without an upfront product purchase, and to change product configurations as needed, keeping future directions completely open.
Hannover, Germany, January 14, 2009 – HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading developer of cross-platform networking, PDF, and image server solutions for Mac, Windows, and web clients, introduces a software subscription model for its software products. Customers can now subscribe to HELIOS software solutions on an annual basis. An important benefit of the yearly software subscription program is a much smaller upfront investment. It enables customers to use HELIOS server software in a more project-oriented way. Additional flexibility is provided as customers can modify the product configuration anytime to match changed requirements including new hardware platforms.
HELIOS: Software subscription and purchase costs
Existing HELIOS customers can easily enhance their current installation by choosing additional features including web access provided by HELIOS WebShare, automated image repurposing features using HELIOS Image Server, or extended PDF preflighting, proofing, and printing tools coming with HELIOS PDF HandShake and HELIOS PrintPreview. The new HELIOS software subscription is available for the current HELIOS UB+ server solution and the previous HELIOS UB server solution software, with support for all major server platforms, including Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and AIX. The start date can be freely chosen in order to match the customer's annual business year.
Main benefits of the new software subscription include:
  • Better use of budget – much lower upfront buy-in costs in the first year allow better use of existing budgets
  • Immediate write-off of costs – the yearly subscription fee can be expensed, with no need to depreciate over many years
  • No additional costs – subscription includes all updates and upgrades
  • Minimal risk of investment – software can be fully utilized for a short period of time
  • High feature flexibility – adjust the configuration of user licenses and product features to match changed requirements anytime
  • Software as a Service – system integrators and service providers can offer a complete solution on a yearly subscription basis, including deployment of software and hardware with remote administration.

Smart Ideas for Better Networking
HELIOS UB+ Unbreakable Server Solutions deliver mission critical server solutions to enterprise, government, university, and prepress sites. WebShare, EtherShare, and PCShare provide integrated cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows and Web clients, with advanced file and print server services, and easy remote server administration. HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake and PrintPreview bring high efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing operations.
HELIOS products run on powerful and scalable servers including Apple Mac OS X, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows systems. HELIOS products provide reliable cross-platform support for Mac, Windows, Web and UNIX-based clients.
Distributors sell HELIOS products worldwide to value-added resellers who provide complete networking solutions to customers. HELIOS also works with many strategic partners that incorporate HELIOS server software to provide powerful third-party archive, asset management and workflow solutions.

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