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HELIOS makes Mac Time Machine backups ready for server environments

HELIOS backup software tools for Apple Time Machine create customized backup disk sizes with encryption support, for optimized integration into existing server backup setups, and also present the backup status of networked Mac clients.
Hannover, Germany, February 18, 2010 – HELIOS Software GmbH announced two new backup software tools to enhance Apple Time Machine backups to HELIOS EtherShare UB+ network volumes. “HELIOS TM Image Builder” and “HELIOS TM Browser” together offer customized backup disk images and status monitoring to make HELIOS EtherShare a compelling choice for automated and secure server-based backups of Mac clients in any networked environment.

HELIOS TM Image Builder

The new “HELIOS TM Image Builder” lets admins limit the size of each backup disk image to optimize the disk utilization of the HELIOS EtherShare backup volume. Creating individually sized backup disk images enables network admins to use a single HELIOS EtherShare volume to back up many Mac clients. The ability to set the segmentation size of a Time Machine backup disk image provides optimized integration with server-based backup solutions.

“HELOS TM Image Builder” also adds encryption support for backup disk images, to secure backup of confidential and mission critical data. Now unauthorized users, including system administrators handling backup systems, cannot access or retrieve content without a valid password. HELIOS EtherShare UB+ based backups with encryption support provide a major improvement to data protection and security, especially for mobile MacBooks used by executives.


The “HELIOS TM Browser” application supports system administrators with quick status overviews for easy administration of Time Machine based network backups of all Macs within any network. The dashboard includes complete information about when backups were started and completed. Special warnings advise if backups are overdue. “HELIOS TM Browser” frees admins from having to visit every single Mac workstation to perform a backup overview.

Enhanced backup workflow

Since HELIOS EtherShare UB+ volumes are detected by Apple's Time Machine and utilized as backup disks for networked Mac workstations and mobile MacBooks, fail-safety and data integrity are further increased because the Time Machine backup disk images can be integrated into the server backup system itself. HELIOS tools were created specially to help admins optimize performance in such an environment.

Download today

The new HELIOS TM tools for EtherShare UB+ are available for free download from the HELIOS WebShare server: Use credentials User: tools, Password: tools, open Sharepoint: “HELIOS Tools”, select and download the “HELIOS TM Image Builder” and “HELIOS TM Browser” folders. Additional information about EtherShare and its Time Machine support can be found here.

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