New Features in HELIOS ImageServer UB2

  • Enhanced image format compatibility
  • Improved compatibility with large Photoshop files (PSB format)
  • InDesign CS5 XPV plug-ins for Mac and Windows for document previews from InDesign pages
  • XPV XPress and InDesign page previews are exclusive with ImageServer, to be used for preview conversion or page previews in WebShare
  • Full-text search in InDesign and QuarkXPress documents via XPV documents by Spotlight server indexing (InDesign and QuarkXPress Mac/Win)
  • Updated Preview XTension for QuarkXPress 8
  • New OPI TuneUp XT for QuarkXPress 9 (Mac). On Windows, the OPI TuneUp XT for QuarkXPress 8 works fine
  • Image conversion and layout file generation received robustness enhancements to handle corrupted image formats without dumping core
  • New “layout” options:
    • ApplyClippath to set all regions outside a clipped region to white
    • -G sends close events for newly generated layout files
  • Workaround for TIFF images with more than 32 channels:
    Additional channels will often be used temporarily for masking so only a few standard channels are active. This is no problem anymore because channels beyond 32 will be skipped for image processing
  • Automatic landscape/portrait rotating of images with according EXIF information
  • Office document previews are still supported in ImageServer image conversion features
  • Office document previews are included using remote automation via Tool Server (requires Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 for Windows, or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, Office is not included)
  • RAW support for new camera models
  • HELIOS ScriptAssistant – An interactive Mac or Windows tool which allows, by a few clicks, creating a custom image conversion script including ICC color management. Image conversions can be automated within minutes without the need for scripting or programming.