Update: U0212


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10585, 10586, 10587, 10588, 10589


Tue Aug 29 10:21:05 MET DST 2000




sol4 rs6000 sgi hppa alpha dg86 linux rhappc


viewif could core dump while moving a job to error or hold queue


The viewif interface could core dump in its finishing phase
where a completed print job is moved to a hold or error queue.
This happened under the rare circumstances that the lpd print
daemon accessed the queue lock file of the hold or error queue
at the same moment the printer interface did.
Also fixed:
- The viewif printer interface now removes the corresponding
resource files of any PDF file created on an EtherShare volume
properly in case the newly created file has to be removed due
to an error condition.
- In case the viewif printer interface could not access the
control files for the current print job anymore it did disable
the queue for printing. This did not make sense because a job
missing its control file can never printed again. Now the
affected print job will be thrown away.
- The viewif printer interface could dump core while reading a
PPD file ending with a doublequote without closing quote.
- The viewif printer interface "Extended print info" has
changed: In case a hi-res image is included by its EPSF layout
image the extended info will now look like: included '<UNIX
Pathname>' (<Reference Pathname>). The name of the EPSF
layout image has never been available at the moment the hi-res
file was included and therefore could never be mentioned in
the info text. The new syntax offers the possibility to
distinguish between a hi-res image included by a normal OPI
comment, in which case the old syntax '<Reference Pathname>'
replaced by '<UNIX Pathname>' is used and the case described
above. The syntax for all other type of layout images does not


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