Trade-in offer for customers upgrading from Xinet FullPress to HELIOS ImageServer

FullPress trade, 50% discount on HELIOS ImageServer

Starting immediately and valid until the end of 2009, we will offer a 50% discount on the HELIOS ImageServer product for customers which like to upgrade from any Xinet FullPress version to HELIOS ImageServer.


Customers using Xinet products have many disadvantages compared to HELIOS products which provide:

  • AFP 3.1 support for Mac OS X clients superior with EtherShare UB – FullPress 14.02 does not support the following AFP features:
    Server Reconnect, Sleep / Resume, Changing Passwords, Server Symlinks
  • Server-based Find File support (about 100 times faster); the Xinet AFP Server “Find File” takes a very long time because it has no desktop database, so it needs to traverse the entire volume, keeping the server busy
  • Much easier administration (native Mac-based including users, groups, etc.)
  • Active Directory authentication for all services
  • More supported server platforms (Linux, Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, HP Alpha, HP-UX, Mac OS X)
  • Complete PDF support with PDF HandShake including
    • Create PDF Server using Acrobat Distiller
    • Composite and pre-separated PDF support
    • PDF custom printing from Acrobat, via “batch” or web-based PDF UNIX batch tools
    • PDF OPI (including support for spot colors, duplex colors, DeviceN, etc.)
    • PDF-native OPI, which preserves transparencies and XMP meta data
    • Export for Imposition
    • PDF UNIX batch tools
  • True cross-platform OPI support with PCShare 3
  • Full Unicode volume support (compatible with UNIX / Mac / Windows volumes): Umlauts, Japanese characters, etc. are displayed correctly on UNIX, Mac, and Windows systems
  • Full TCP/IP printing support and drivers for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
  • Secure remote file transfer and management via WebShare
  • Composite and separated job previews via PrintPreview


This trade-in should help customers who have already invested into the Xinet products to switch easier from Xinet to HELIOS products. A file format conversion utility to switch volumes from Xinet to HELIOS format is available from your HELIOS reseller.

Xinet to EtherShare volume converter

A Perl script which allows migrating Xinet volumes to the EtherShare format is available for download from the HELIOS WebShare server in the sharepoint “Marketing Downloads” at:


The script will migrate existing Xinet volumes to the EtherShare volume format without requiring additional space for the conversion. Please note that this script is unsupported and HELIOS provides no warranty that it works correctly. Feedback and enhancement of the script is welcome and should be sent to support (at)


Please note: HELIOS also provides the “Xtar” tools for converting HFS+ volumes into HELIOS volumes and vice versa, and an IPT uShare to HELIOS volume converter.

For further information please contact your local HELIOS distribution partner.