Tech Info 086: Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility notes

HELIOS Tech Info #086

Fri, 04 Nov 2005

Solaris 9 systems with patch 116670-02 may crash running EtherShare 3.1

Recently we received feedback from HELIOS partners and customers that SUN Sparc systems with Solaris 9 and patch “116670-02” may crash when starting EtherShare 3.1.
The prior version “116670-01” of this patch does not show this problem.
All Solaris versions from 8-9 work fine with the only exception of Solaris 9 with “116670-02” applied.
The system log at the time of the crash, or a stack back trace of the crash dump will list the symbol “gld:gld_unitdata_ether”, indicating a problem in the “Generic LAN Driver” from Sun.
Customers who encountered this problem should file a problem report with Sun. Others should contact their Sun representative to get informed when an updated Solaris patch is available.
As soon as Sun has a workaround or fix available, this will be distributed by a follow up to this Tech Info.
Sun has released a patch for Solaris 9 which addresses the issue that Solaris systems could crash when starting EtherShare 3.1
SUN Patch 116670-04 for Solaris 9