Tech Info 111: Solaris 10 X86 machine ID change

HELIOS Tech Info #111

Fri, 02 Nov 2007

Solaris 10 X86 machine ID change

Recently we received several customer-reports that after a reinstallation of Solaris 10 on an X86 machine, the HELIOS UB machine ID had changed.
Initial analysis indicates that a unique machine ID is generated during Solaris 10 installation on X86 machines.
As a result the HELIOS services will not start and a key transfer form has to be sent to HELIOS in order to receive new machine specific keys.
With HELIOS UB Plus the HELIOS machine ID on Solaris 10 X86 machines is determined by another mechanism which will prevent that the machine ID changes after a reinstallation of the operating system.
Customers who intend to switch from HELIOS UB to UB Plus (Preview 6) on the Solaris 10 X86 platform, should determine the new HELIOS machine ID and send the new key transfer request forms completed with the new machine ID. The form is available as a PDF file “Key-Transfer.pdf” on your HELIOS CD in the “manuals” folder.
You can determine the new HELIOS machine ID from within the “HELIOS Installer”. You do not need to install HELIOS UB Plus immediately. Simply start the installer from the HELIOS CD and continue until you reach the installation menu. At the top you then see:
HELIOS MachID: <machine ID>
Note down the new machine ID.
You can either leave the installer with “Quit” or continue when you have received the new keys.