New Features in HELIOS PrintPreview UB+

PrintPreview UB+ now offers enhanced compatibility with PostScript and PDF print jobs, supports transparencies, and is compatible with the latest RIPs.

Transparency preview support

Since only PDF documents support transparency, the document must be exported as PDF and printed via HELIOS PDF HandShake UB+.
  • Transparencies and drop shadows are correctly rendered in both in-RIP separations and composite
  • Special view shows affected areas
  • Can detect jobs that need flattening, e.g. in case RIP does not support transparencies

New transparency options in HELIOS Admin

HELIOS Admin now features the “PDF Transparency” option, which is used to indicate if the RIP supports transparency. If yes, transparencies are rendered. Otherwise, if transparencies are in the job, the job errors out, and can be sent to flattening (e.g. via HELIOS Tool Server UB+).
PDF Transparency option
Add Transparency Mask option
The “Add Transparency Mask Layer” option indicates transparencies in a document by a magenta layer (default color; can be changed via preference) …
Add Transparency Mask Layer option: Composite view
… and “Add Transparency Mask Channel” indicates areas that are affected by transparencies as a separate channel.
Add Transparency Mask Channel option: Composite view

CD024: New functions

  • Rendering library enhancements offer higher compatibility
  • Enhanced spot color support:
    If the print job contains spot colors that are not defined in the Spot Color Editor (HELIOS Admin), PrintPreview uses the "%%CMYKCustomColor" comment to view missing spot colors in the global spot color list
  • Enhanced preview compression:
    PrintPreview proof bitmap PDFs can now be JPEG2000 compressed, which allows easier distribution due to a smaller file size