New Features in HELIOS ImageServer UB

Linework to Gray conversion

HELIOS ImageServer UB will now convert image formats with linework support into grayscale. This has the benefit that JPEG Web previews will work for linework files.

JPEG2000 support

ImageServer UB now supports the JPEG2000 image file format. JPEG2000 offers a far better compression rate than the standard JPEG image file format and furthermore supports lossless compression. JPEG2000 allows additional meta data and XML specifications within the JPEG2000 file. HELIOS offers JPEG2000 read / write support including Grayscale, RGB, CMYK and Lab color spaces.

JBIG2 support

JBIG2 has been developed especially for Bilevel images. This format features a very good compression rate which exceeds CCITT-G4. JBIG2 supports both lossy and lossless compression and allows halftoning of Grayscale images. HELIOS offers JBIG2 read-only support.

XMP support

XMP meta data is migrated into layout and converted files. The XMP meta data can be imported / exported into existing files. This is of advantage for third-party products and for script-based processing.


JPEG images, e.g. from digital cameras, usually come without JPEG resolution information. If available, the EXIF resolution is used.

TIFF support

Reading TIFF images with 16-bit data per channel is supported. This enhances the compatibility with existing applications.

Multiple Photoshop clipping path support

Multiple Photoshop clipping paths are migrated into layout and converted files. Photoshop clipping paths can be exported / imported into existing files, so customers can re-use the images and use different clipping paths for different jobs.

Updated ICC CMM

The latest Heidelberger / HELIOS ICC ColorSync compatible color transformations have been updated: Faster color transformation and compatibility with latest Heidelberger CMM based products.

Photoshop spot / alpha channel detection

The automatic spot / alpha channel detection in Photoshop image files ensures maximum compatibility in the HELIOS OPI image replacement process.

Anti-aliased clipping path for PNG previews

For web-based preview generation of Photoshop images containing an image mask, ImageServer conversion to PNG will turn the mask into a PNG alpha channel.
The newly generated anti-aliased alpha channel provides a much smoother view, e.g. on edges.

InDesign HELIOS Preview plug-in with UTF-8 text support

The XPV plug-ins for XPress and InDesign now include UTF-8 text, pictures, text box coordinates and a list of linked images including the path to the document.

Perl based “imageconv” script

The HELIOS utility “imageconv” is now Perl based, which guarantees platform-independent operation.

File events for type and suffix

ImageServer file event notification can now interpret both Mac file type and/or suffix. This provides better support for Mac OS X, where file types are not always available. This feature is supported by PCShare, EtherShare, WebShare, etc.

Password attribute for “layout” program

The new “password=<str>” attribute for the “layout” program allows opening password protected PDF files.

“layout” tagger

The “layout” program contains a new feature that allows the tagging (add, delete, or modify) of ICC profiles, path information, resolutions, and XMP meta data to images. Also, if TIFF / JPEG images have the wrong resolution (or no resolution specified at all), the resolution can be changed without changing the image data.

“oiimginfo” verbose sets

The “oiimginfo” program now allows specifying either the verbose level (1-9) or a string of keywords to output GFX related info.

XPV text

The “oiimginfo” program extracts UTF-8 text, used fonts, and spot colors of XPV documents.

New Script Server service

The 4th generation Script Server has been replaced by an all new native application which integrates very well into the existing HELIOS services. Main enhancements are support for multiple file types or suffixes per config line. Less traffic for wildcard registrations, only events containing the folder path are processed by the new Script Server. Monitoring of current jobs and configurations on telnet port 2024. Process auditing and tracing compatibility, new script environment variables, event type, event user, registrations for multiple files or new directories and more have been added in response to customer requests.

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